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My week


Hey everyone!!

I had an OK week I was sick for two days but I did learn some new things new at school. The 5/6’s have been learning about energy. I’ve learned about renewable and non-renewable energy. Renewable mean you can use it again like wind or solar energy and non-renewable means you can only use it once.The 5/6’s are also doing a projects on energy I’m doing renewable energy. We’ve also been learning about decimals like how to put them on a place value chart. I learned lots of new things and had a great time at school so far.


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My weeks reflection


Hey everyone welcome back

I had an amazing week! Our school had a great Italian day we had gelati ice cream and pizza and everyone came dressed as roman citations and did fun indoor games like bocce every team has its own coloured ball and which ever team rolled the ball closest to the white ball wins. I was alright at it but I had a lot of fun. We played chance games like heads and tails we also did other things this week but it wasn’t so interesting.

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Beauty and the Beast


Welcome back to Evgeniya’s amazing blog everyone!

Yesterday the 5/6’s went to Nunawading Civic Center to watch Emmaus do Beauty and the Beast. Lots of schools came to watch it was a wonderful performance. The singing, dancing, acting ,costumes and props were all magnificent! My favourite  part was when the Beast turned back into a human and my favourite characters were Belle and Lumiere. It was such a lovely performance I hope you might get a chance to watch it too!

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 I LOVE puppies isn’t he adorable! just look at that face.



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My Passion!!!


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about my passion. It is…ART! I love art because I get to be creative. I love drawing and making creations like paper flowers. But the best thing about art is that you can do what ever you want. Get creative!!!

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All about me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi my names Evgeniya and I’m learning how to blog. My hobbies are reading, art, cooking, rounders, drama and my newest hobby is…NEWCOMBE!!!.

I go to a catholic school some of my friends  there are Bridget, Lyta, Maryanne, Alannah, Jacqui, Ella and Marisa. I have no pets and no brothers or sisters. My favourite animals are dogs, pandas, koalas, dolphins and guinea pigs. My favourite foods are spaghetti and pasta, apples, chocolate and gourmet cupcakes!!!

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welcome to my blog


Hey everyone and welcome to my amazing blog I post tips ideas and I also do weekly challenges.

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